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Accumulating information for a detailed walking tour is an arduous task that owes much to the dedicated individuals who collect local history and then generously share their artifacts, knowledge and memories. Scores of those people assisted in this task. There are also three major repositories of local history available to the public that earn great appreciation. Without those sources, there would be no Walking Tour.

Thanks to the Morgan County Historical and Genealogical Society, located in the public library and keeper of all the old newspapers on microfilm. From 1880 on, virtually all the dates and descriptions included in the text were drawn from historic copies of The News, Morgan Mercury and Morgan Messenger. Also in the library are Fred Newbraugh's three volumes of "Warm Springs Echoes." No effort will ever surpass Fred's in collecting, identifying and publishing details of local history. The photographic tour of Berkeley Springs in Volume 3 formed the basis of this Walking Tour. Last but certainly not least is the treasure trove of documents related to land ownership found in the Morgan County Courthouse. The gracious and informed help of the Office Deputies in the CountyClerk's office made using the ancient volumes a pleasure.

Please respect any private dwellings listed on the tour. The owners of businesses along the Walking Tour always appreciate your patronage.

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Jeanne Mozier - research and writing
Robert Peak - photography and brochure graphic design

Maggie Duval - website design

For a more in-depth glimpse of historic images of town, buy this book at locations around town or email to order. $21.95 plus tax. Written by local authors: Jeanne Mozier and Betty Lou Harmison.

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