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Berkeley Springs, West Virginia5. Wisteria Cottage

Just up the hill but facing Green St. is Wisteria Cottage, a modern Italianate structure on the National Register of Historic Places. Constructed as a summer cottage in 1872 by Judge John Wright — a Lincoln appointee to the U.S. Court of Appeals — its type is described by A.J. Downing in Architecture of Country Houses as "cubical cottage in Tuscan style." There is original glass in full-height French doors that open off the porch. Wright assembled the entire square on which the cottage sits as its site. It was subdivided after 1917 and the bungalow that houses Lot 12 Public House and the private home next door were built in 1920. In 1777, one of the four lots in the square was owned by George Washington's cousin, Henry Whiting.


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