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23. Francis Asbury
Methodist Church

Francis Asbury Methodist Church was built on the southeast corner of Congress and Wilkes St. in 1890, the second church on this site. Its predecessor replaced the noted 18th century store and ballroom of Alexander & Sherrard, burned in 1844. The tower of the church was set ablaze in the 1912 fire, cracking the bell.

Berkeley Springs, West VirginiaThe apartment building on the southwest corner of Wilkes and Congress has undergone significant renovation since its beginnings as an 18th century boarding house owned by Philip Pendleton, then by notorious early 19th century gambler, Robert Bailey. In 1775, Reverend Philip Fithian who wrote extensively of his visit to the town, lodged here. By 1844 it was called the Gault House and operated by William Hunter. The Dutch colonial roof is a modern addition but the three-story porch suggests a southern colonial influence on the original. Looking across Congress St., there is another 18th century log and stone house that was home to Revolutionary War generals John Smith, Otho Williams, and Colonel John Stull. Later this unique structure served as a schoolhouse.

The northeast corner of Congress and Wilkes once held an inn, built in 1779. Reportedly George Washington spent the night there in 1794 with Alexander Hamilton as they rode west to stop the Whiskey Rebellion. From that time on, owner John Hunter called it the inn "at the sign of General Washington." In 1845, it was called the Flagg House. The back section of today’s law office of Richard Gay was added in 1901 and has unusual siding. The front section, location of the historic inn, was razed in 1938 and replaced by the current brick structure. The name was then changed to the Morgan Inn.

Next door is a 19th century dwelling that was renovated to house "The News" in 1907. Today it has been renovated into Atasia Spa. It has an impressive pediment although one urn is missing.

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