For motorcycle riders it is first about the road and second about what's along the road -- things to see, do and especially eat. Riding in the Berkeley Springs area offers the best of all.

The roads twist and turn along ridges and through valleys with a fair share of straightaways. Smooth regular surfaces are commonplace. Traffic is light and drivers attentive. Along the road are spectacular mountain, river and forested views as well as several small towns. There are welcoming places to eat, dance and listen to music. Many downtown business owners from restaurants to movie house to spas are motorcyclists and always ready to give tips on where to find a great ride. Even the sheriff is a Harley man.

As for rules, West Virginia is a helmet-required state.

A big attraction is Ridersville Cycle, just south of town -- the biggest small town cycle shop in the world -- where "best price" is the road to success.
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Hot Tips for Motorcyclists

  1. Seven great RIDES MAPPED out for you.

    1. Johnson Mill, Troubadour, Glascocks Orchards
      Low Water Bridge Ride
      See Panorama from the Maryland Side
      River Road Ride
      Round About Morgan County
      Road Kill Cafe, Sideling Hill
      Scenic Woods & Rolling Hills
  2. Manly portions of tasty food in a main street cafe with regular Thursday night jam sessions. Tari's Cafe is well-staffed by motorcycle riders with occasional biker specials ...
    an ice cream shop along the stream, Creekside Creamery,
    Plus, other places to stop and eat.
  3. Two state parks. Berkeley Springs State Park is a village green in the heart of town with on street parking, picnic tables and warm mineral springs where you can fill up your jugs, free. Cacapon State Park is 10 miles south of town with cabins, lodge, lake and picnic area.
  4. A vintage movie house with world class popcorn.
  5. Ride along one of the many ridges to the Troubadour Lounge with steak night, live bands for dancing and the WV Country Music Hall of Fame.
  6. Check out shops, spas and places to stay.
  7. Bonus......The best rides in the county are along the Washington Heritage Trail National Scenic Byway where you can learn about history, geology and other interesting factoids while swooping and climbing a great road.
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