Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Gold Medal Winner
Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Silver Medal Winner
Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Bronze Medal Winner

Municipal Water
Gold: Montpelier, Ohio
Silver: Clearbrook, BC, Canada
Bronze: Elkford, BC, Canada

4th: Campbell River, BC, Canada
5th: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Non-Carbonated Bottled Water
Gold: TIE: I Am Healthy, by Aquamantra, Mount Palomar, California and Muskoka Natural Spring Water, Gravenhurst, Ont, Canada
Silver: TIE: John Deere Artisan Water, Grayling, MI and Ramona Springs, Washago, Ont, Canada
Bronze: ESKA, St Mathieu d'Harricana, PQ, Canada

4th: Aquaroyale, Baguio, Philippines

5th: Woolrich Spring Water, Woolrich, PA

Purified Drinking Water
Gold: Coral Water, Rost Labs, FL
Silver: Crystal Mountain Natural Spring Water, Huntsville, AL
Bronze: Daytona Beach, FL
4th: Chill, Mechanicsville, Virginia
5th: Stone Clear Premium, Vanleer,TN

Carbonated Bottled Water
Gold: Sparkling StoneClear Springs, Vanleer, TN
Silver: Esparanza, Tesanj, Bosnia
Bronze: Tesanjski Dijamant, Tesanj, Bosnia

4th: Hana Sparkling, Tesanj, Bosnia
5th: Tesanjski Kiseljak, Tesanj, Bosnia

The People's Choice for Package Design
Gold: Aquadeco, Mount Ararat, Armenia
Silver: Dabau Luxury Water, New York City, NY
Bronze: StoneClear Springs Natural Spring Water, Vanleer, TN

4th: Waiwera Infinity Artesian Water, New Zealand
5th: Aquarius Oxygen Water, Eugene, OR