Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Gold Medal Winner
Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Silver Medal Winner
Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Bronze Medal Winner

Municipal Water
Gold: Desert Hot Springs, California
Silver: Daytona Beach, Florida
Bronze: Kent, Ohio
4th: San Francisco, California
5th: Dubuque, Iowa

Non-Carbonated Bottled Water
Gold: ICE MIST, Morarp, Sweden /Bottled as Benarts Brunn in 2013
Silver: Real Water, Bearpaw Ridge, BC, Canada
Bronze: TIE: Ontario Gold Beverage, Barrie, Canada and StoneClear Premium Spring Water, Vanleer, TN
4th: Fountain Natural Spring Water, Keyser, WVA
5th: Laure Pristine Spring Water, Johnson City, TN

Purified Drinking Water
Gold: Pure StoneClear Springs Water, Vanleer, TN.
Silver: Blue Moon Water Systems, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Bronze: Saskatchewan Clear, Saskatoon, Canada
4th: TIE: Clear Creek Water Company, Farmington, NM and Imibe, Broad View Saskatchewan, Canada
5th: Cool Wave Water, Upper Marlboro, MD

Carbonated Bottled Water
Gold: Borsec, Harghita County, Romania
Silver: Kiseljak Princess, Bosnia
Bronze: StoneClear Springs, Vanleer, TN

The People's Choice for Package Design
Gold: One Litre, Northumberland County, Canada
Silver: Oaza, Tesanj, Bosnia
Bronze: StoneClear Springs, Vaneer, TN
4th: Daytona Beach Florida
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada