Festival of Light Berkeley Springs, WV

Festival of Light Psychic Fair and Alternative Healing Expo

Saturday and Sunday, November 9 & 10, 2013
10am – 4pm
@ the Ice House
$5 admission each day

The 15th annual Berkeley Springs Festival of Light showcases more than 80 readers, healers and purveyors of sacred objects in the largest psychic fair and alternative healing expo in the region.  Staged at the Ice House on Saturday and Sunday, November 9 and 10, the festival is open to the public from 10am to 4pm both days.

In addition to the practitioners, admission each day includes entry to a major lecture as well as mini-workshops and demonstrations.   On Saturday, noted astrologer, Jeanne Mozier, is speaking on "2014 and You," offering predictions for the upcoming year. Sunday’s main lecture features Angelique Ajamalleo speaking about "Your Family Tree Mysteries."   Workshops on the two days include fairies, past lives, emotion codes, and healing while sleeping.

Throughout the two days, attendees can seek individual answers and insights from practitioners reading everything from past life patterns and Tarot cards to etched stones, auras or the swing of a pendulum.  A wide range of products are also available including jewelry, crystals, essential oils and flower essences.

There are bodyworkers, massage therapists, Reiki masters and the like, set up on the second floor.

Sample of Participants

Adams, Elmdea—Reincarnation, Past Lives
Adams, Sloane – Handmade Jewelry, Bronze and Copper
Ajamalleo, Angelique – Quantum Readings
Amendola, Lynn—Readings through Animal and Nature Communication
Amendola, Sarah—Semiprecious beaded and Sterling Silver Jewelry, Chainmaille & Nature Photos
Badaki, Ayodeji – Grail Foundation Press & Emoto’s Water Crystals
Bartel, Carolee—Lamps, pendulums, tarot decks and Amber jewelry
Bassette, Veeda - Massage and Readings
Bates, Harld – Grail Foundation Press & Emoto’s Water Crystals
Bethel, Skye – Astrology – Birth Chart Readings
Bishop, Melody—Intuitive Rune Readings
Boudreau, Valetta -- Health Scan for doTerra Oils
Bradburn, Barbara -- Core Energy Painting
Brown, Myria—Wire-Wrapped Jewelry, Stones & Crystals
Bunch-Fitzwilliams, Linda—Psychic Readings
Byrne, Candi – Angel Academy Publishing Services
Cahill, Lorraine—Hand Massage with doTerra Oils
Calabrese, Dino—Psychic Readings
Campbell-Hackley, Anneva -- Tarot Readings
Caufield, Jim & Mary – Wands, Sistrums, Faerie Furniture
Chadick, Susan – Yoga Instructions
Climis, Melanie – Tarot Counseling
Cox, Mary—Jewelry and Crystals
Cromwell, Mare – Books – Earth Mother, If I Gave You God’s Phone Number
Cuttitta, Rosanne – Semi-Precious Stone-Wire Jewelry
Dolly, Brenda—Reiki Healing -  Energy Balancing
Doyle, Kellie – Book – Meet My Mysteries
Duane, Carol Rose – Emotional Clearing and Angel Card Readings
Dulicai, Linda—Emotional Clearing
Eve, Shafiya—EFT - Reiki
Ferro-McFarland, Judith—Card Readings
Fetterman, Ashley -- Tarot, Mediumship, Past Life Readings and Products
Firesinger, Jeff  -  Thoth Tarot Card Readings
Foley-Burgess, Sandy -- Intuitive Readings
Garcia, Jennifer -- Spiritual Spectra, does Tarot Consultations and Energy Healings
Gardner, Mary Storey—Yuen Method Healings
Gatti, Donna—Angel Readings
Gedeon, Joy—Readings to Support the Soul's Journey
George, Marcia – Tarot Card Readings/Intuitive Readings
Hanna-Nnawuba, Lolita—Crystal Therapy Massage, Quantum Touch, Energy Work
Harrigan, Deborah—Psychic Medium
Hendershot, Tad—Reconnective Healing, Copper, Crystal Domes
Henderson, Johnny – Tuning Fork, Cranial Sacrum and Polarity Therapy
Hernandez, Debra—Ancient Water Readings
Hopkins, Barbara -- Group doing Sukyo-Mahikari Light Workers
Hovermale, Tina – Spiritual RealTime Correction (SRC44)
Hughes, June Sananjaleen—Amethyst Crystal Biomat to sit on, Flower Essences and Oils
Issa, Fatima -- Angel Card Readings
Jolly, Ingrid—Aura Photography and Ultra Imaging
Kay, Marcie—Psychic Readings
Keyes, Karen—Crystals and Stone Jewelry
Lane, Denise -- Intuitive Readings and Energetic Healing
Lane, Glory—Healing and Matrix Energetics
Langan, Tom – Natural Healing and Education
Leinberger, Kim – Wood Products directed by the Faries, Photos, etc.
Lewis, Lynn -- Past Life Readings
McLean, Judith—Aura Readings, Intuitive Soul Counseling
Morningstar, Joyce—Crystals, Jewelry and Tarot Readings
Mozier, Jeanne—Astrology, Cards, Runes
Nicholas, Lynette – Tarot Card Readings
Pendragon, Victoria – Art, Books, etc.
Powell, Michelle – Artwork
Quinn, Jay -- Energy Balancing, Relationships, Emotional Pain and Mental Trauma
Rahman, Coy—Intuitive Sight Readings Through the Aura
Reed, Mary—Foot Reflexology and Reiki
Reese, Carol—Crystals, Minerals, Jewelry
Ristl, Eva -- Teas and Herbal Products
Robinette, Brenda—Be Young Essential Oils
Rohn, Bobbie—Cyma Sound Therapy and Quantum Health Analysis
Sanders, Pam—Reiki, Inner Transformation
Schostag, Anorah—Infared Thermography Health Screening
Segall, Suzen -- Acupressure, So Jok, Jin Shin Do and Access Bars
Sikes, Marti  -  Reiki, Inner Transformation
Sparks, Maya White – Lightworks and Meditation CD’s
Stuckey, Regina – Spiritual RealTime Correction (SRC44)
Sullivan, Matthew—Healing Cards, Wirewraps, Crystal Wands, Photos, etc.
Swisher, Patti – Will be providing excellent food for sale
Tamke, Kristin—Spirit/Soul Retrieval, Animal Healing (bring a photo of your pet)
Unger, Laura Dawn – Scene in Glass, Jewelry
Wallace, Donna—Jewelry and Ceramic Art
Washington Homeopathy -- Homeopathic Products
Weiss, Soni—Tarot Readings
Wright-Perkins, Michelle—Crystal Pendants, Chakra Items, Paintings

Lecture Topics and Times

10:30-11:00am—Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code – Carol Rose Duane
11:15-11:45am—doTERRA  Essential Oils – Johnny Henderson
Noon-12:45pm—2014 and You—Jeanne Mozier
1:00-1:30pm—How to Maintain Your Energy Field – Maya White Sparks
1:45-2:15pm—A Journey of Awakening to Inner Guidance – Dino Calabrese
2:30-3:00pm—Sacred Connections With Earth Mother – Mare Cromwell
3:15-3:45pm—The Key to Evolution – Ingrid Jolly

10:30-11:00am—Fairies and Elementals – Kim Leinberger
11:15-11:45am—Making the Connection Between Food, Spirit and Well Being –Lorraine Cahill
Noon-12:45pm—Your Family Tree Mysteries – Angelique Ajamalleo
1:00-1:30pm—Healing Your Life While You Sleep – Victoria Pendragon
1:45-2:15pm—Past Lives and Reincarnation – Elmdea Adams
2:30-3:00pm—The Healing Benefits of Yoga – Susan Chadick
3:15-3:45pm—What Planet Are You From – Donna Wolfe Gatti

Admission: $5 one-day entry

The Ice House is located on the corner of Independence and Mercer in the heart of downtown Berkeley Springs. For more information contact 304-258-3509 or 304-582-4449.